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October 19, 2012
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Please help to improve XPS the XNA Model Viewer !
What functionality of XPS/XNALara/GLLara you like? - What should be changed?
Your opinion is needed.
Designate what bothers you and what you like. Then it would be changed.

Our group will make a statement at any point. And later we append a list to show what changes will be implemented.

Thanks in advance.


What is XNALara/XPS

XNALara is a real time posing and rendering program written by Dusan Pavlicek and had been released for the first time on February, 20, 2009 on
Dusan, the creator of XNALara, managed to extract Lara Croft's model from the game Tomb Raider Underworld (TRU), converted it for his program, using the Microsoft XNA framework, and shared it, letting people play with it and create art.

Dusan has updating his program many times (release 001 - release 136). Dec 31, 2010 he has stoped the development and has released the program source code for using without any restrictions as "Public domain software".

I've extended the program for the use of non-TRU character with the version 7.2
From that time, XNALara gained a lot of new fans, as it is not "Tomb Raider" or "Lara Croft" related only anymore, as every single 3d model can be imported in XNALara via Blender or 3ds Max.

There is a huge -and quickly growing- list of 3d models and characters you can use in XNALara and create wonderful renders! Since version 9.7.8 therfore XNALara has the new name XNALara/XPS (Xna Posing Studio). Release 137 - release 174

XNALara - 3D posing software, free of charge, primarily for Tomb Raider: Underworld model. The first model was Lara Croft, wearing her "jungle shorts".

Please respect, you needs a permission document, given by the real owner, if you will share a model which is not made from scratch by yourself.

XPS - "XNA Model Viewer" and 3D posing software based on XNALara, for any 3D character. With a rather rudimentary way to make a keyframe animation. Free of charge.

Se il bicchiere mezzo pieno o mezzo vuoto in ultima analisi lo decide l’osservatore.
Ho un turbine di pensieri in testa che sto cercando di mettere in ordine.
Dato che siete come e più di me smanettone e che sicuramente c’è fra voi un’ottima percentuale che ha testato XPS,
vi domando un parere.

Se potete cercate di essere “analogici” o forse meglio qualitativi: se c’è qualcosa che vi piace ditemi perché, se qualcosa non vi piace idem.
In un successivo contributo farò il possibile per informarmi ed esprimere un’opinione sensata su ciascun aspetto sollevato.

A voi, e grazie!

Additional Feature
  • - Done :wave: Add monochromatics to make it look almost like celluloid or an old photograph.
  • - Done :wave: Cel toon shader
  • - Done :wave: Request by :iconxxfreakyunderworldxx: New 'Render Goups' which supports multiple UV sets -- 10.9.7 supports 2 uv layers for every 'Render group'
  • - Done :wave: Request by :iconatlantib:  Wardrobe feature. Sample…
  • - Done :wave: Request by "Hongfire Wong" Support for "texture packs" :thumbsup: XPS 10.9.3a2
  • - Done :wave: Auto add camera pivot to familiar bone name, if this pivot are missing inside the model. Request by :iconkinasuki: and :icontombraider4ever:                    
  • - Done :wave: Emission maps like this…  --  Request by :iconxo-bahamut-ox: and :icontakebon999: Made available by :iconzcochrane: :hug:
                       Tutorial for XNALara/XPS here… ;)
  • - Done :wave: I wish there was quick save-pose like the quick save image. :thumbsup: Ctrl+P (F9) added in XPS 10.9.2 Request by :iconrobotrobot99:  
  • - Done :wave: Add a double click event to the bones list in the control window to zoom in on selected bone. Request by :iconkinasuki:
                       New camera pivot "selected bone"
  • - Done :wave: "Quick-save image F5" now always stores the image without visible bones names and link squares and HUD filename -- Request by :iconarmorvil:
  • - Done :wave: Add a way to add text to the image via speech bubbles -- Request by :iconarmorvil:
  • - Done :wave: "Lock Position"…
  • - Done :wave: "Lock Scene "…
  • - Done :wave:  New render group with support of Specular & Emission Maps at the same time.
  • - Done :wave:  Emission effect with diffuse, light, normal, spec and emission maps
  • >- Done :wave:  Rotation of the camera. Sample…

  • XNAStraightPose Feature like this…
  • REDO command which reverts the effects of the undo action. Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z
  • Full screen 'Render Window' without title bar
  • The ability to move lights around
  • A new menu item to split a .scene file up into several scenes to load each one individually.
  • The ability to add sounds to make your own avi movies, like "Emitting the noise of a flushing toilet to spare a woman blushes."
  • A function to automatically detect (measure) the exact X,Y,Z position of certain point in an environment..
  • Texture "projection painting"
  • Dual sceen support. For example the "main render window" onto the secondary monitor and the dialog windows like the "Control window" onto the primary.
  • Store animations as animated gif --  leave marks though.
  • Environmental maps which react to light
  • Importing and exporting of other file formats to xps, like smd or psk
  • Collada .dae import/export
  • Merge 2 models to swap a outfit
  • Auto rigging and skinning
  • Model light settings individually
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Drag and Drop for pose-, model and scene files would be awesome.
  • Displacement maps……
  • Support for KINECT to pose or record animation…
  • Soft shadows… + source code
  • Reflective maps  [Raytrace… ]  or  [Mirror texturing… ]
  • Raytrace shadows…
  • Create and move lightpoints (colour, intensity, shadow on/off etc)  
  • Ability to rotate bones on the 3 global axis, as well as its local axis.
  • Morphing system

I like this. Dont touche it.
  • Rename bones feature

Keep the feature, but change it on this way:
  • - Done :wave:  When you hide bones in the control window can they be hidden in the viewer as well
  • - Done :wave: Improvement of the representation of the double Alpha transparent. Example Eyelashes behind Hairs.  This feature are integrated with the Blender exporter 2.3… Request by :iconsterrennacht:
  • - Done :wave:  Set the "shadow default flag" for environments, with .OBJ format, to OFF Request by :iconkinasuki:
  • - Done :wave:  Restore the last position of the Render Window.  :thumbsup: BUG fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Request by :iconcheojunio:
  • - Done :wave:  "Alt + LMB click" set camera  position  on ground plane. Request by :iconkinasuki:
  • - Done :wave:  Change the skipped folder warning into only one notification popup (toggleable) with the list of skipped folder.  New menu item 'Settings-->Show warnings' ... Warnings disabled by default

  • A alternate way to select bone joints inside the 3D window, when body parts or bones are overlapping.
  • After you clicked on a bar or slider, you can use the mouse-wheel to adjust it.
  • All shortcuts from 'Main Window' can be also used if the 'Control Window' are activated.
  • Controls can be altered in the settings menu. The current settings are the default ones.
  • The stay on top setting still isnt working .. at the start. you have to disable then reenable it so the control window stays on top. ... I cannot reproduce this issue
  • Different "back face culling" settings for different models in the same scene at the same time
  • Mechanism like the option "Look at camera". :) Now just need for cloth/hair.
  • More lightsources :thumbsup: New "Spotlight"… with XPS 10.9.5 "Spotlight Edition"
  • Specify the image size when using the bloom effect. :) Currently, a team member implement it. We are waiting for his result.
  • Setting the intensity of the normal map. :thumbsup: We hope that this is already implemented in GLLAra.
    I have no experience with shader programming. :(
  • I want to cast a shadow on any object.  :thumbsdown: :thumbsup:  I do not think that this will be possible in "real time",
    perhaps with shadow maps… , but it's not trivial to implement.
  • Keep "Lock" model and add an option to "freeze" a model.
  • On this time, you can only toggle 2 outfits… not 3 ore more.…
  • Interchangeable .scene format.
  • Selecting multiple models at once

I dislike this. Please remove/change it.
  • - Done :wave: Support for deprecated render groups 24-25-26-27 Request by :iconsumirehaikuxna:
                     :thumbsup: Implemented with XPS 10.9.2 Retro Edition
  • - Done :wave: Not so many warnings Request by :iconxxfreakyunderworldxx:
                     :thumbsup: Implemented with XPS 10.9.6 Reboot Edition. New menu item 'Settings-->Show warnings' ... All warnings are disabled by default


  • Link to the latest version XPS -- Countdown Preview Edition
  • Download link XNALara/XPS 10.9.6 alpha 6 ... DELETED ... Nobody want to test it ... nobody reports BUGs… )
    • ChangeSceneFile included -- If a model of a scene does not exist, then it is possible to manually search for it.
    • New feature. "Alt + LMB click" set camera position on ground plane.
    • BUG fix -- Speech Bubbles are now saved with and without BLOOM toggled off.
    • New render group number 34_ as test group for new features
    • All render groups allows now to selected a mesh part and recolor the mesh's texture using a color dialog. XPS tinted the mesh part with the values by the entered colour. XPS mix this color with the texture colors. Choose a white color to restore the original texture color.
       The Blend-Mode are Multiply - combines the picked  color  with the colors of the underlying texture to produce darker colors. Multiplying the texture with black results in black, multiplying with white produces no changes.  All other colors  are combined with the colors on the underlying texture image.
        To inking a part invoke the new menu item
      Options-->Change mesh part color
      Many many thanks and kiss @:iconshabbychick: for the support :blowkiss:

      Of course, you can store the result with Modify-->Save_Generic_Item as .mesh. As either binary Generic_Item.mesh (xps.xps) or ascii (Generic_Item.mesh.ascii) file.

      Shader code, at this time with "Multiply color blend mode" ... next time with "overlay blend mode":

      float4 MeshColor; // set with XPS->Options->Change mesh part color

      float4 GetDiffuseColor(float2 texCoord) {
         float4 color = tex2D(DiffuseTextureSampler, texCoord) * MeshColor;
         if (!DisplayTextures) {
           color.rgb = 0.75;
         return color;

      XNA code:

      // Get the color from the color dialog box ... invoked by "XPS->Options->Change mesh part color"
      System.Drawing.Color color = dialog.Color;
      meshDesc.MeshColor = new Color(color.R, color.G, color.B, color.A);
      // ...
      // Convert the Object from Color to Vector4
      Vector4 meshColor = ConvertLightColor(mesh.MeshColor, mesh.ColorIntensity);
      // ...
      // RenderSceneFull

EDIT: XPS 10.9.6a6 now with same color blend model like the Photoshop 'Overlay blend mode' -- Many many thanks and kiss @:iconshabbychick: for the support :blowkiss:

Add a Comment:
ssj4maiko Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2015
So I recently found this tutorial talking about the FarPlane config in the file which is awesome, since I don't need to re-scale large settings anymore, but using the same method, is it possible to make custom limits to the "Height" option? Right now the limit is -2 to 15, in some scenes with tall buildings (change max height) or sea/pools (change min height) that kinda make things limited.

I know it's possible to instantly pose a model anywhere right now by directly typing the height needed, but beyond that, it's impossible to fine-tune, since it always resets to the limit, and when reloading a saved scene, it will always position between these limits.

My idea of making it the same way as the FarPlane option is because I know the slider could turn inconvenient or weird for people who don't need it.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2015
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
I understand the goal behind the request.

Technically, the FarPlane Workaround… and the Height slider issue, are very different. I think the use of the configuration file is not a good idea,. This is a "Workaround" and we have find a other solution.

At this time, our very talented developer D1m0s implement a new feature "Config-->Preferences" as Dialog Window. Perhaps he find a nice and user friendly way to define  a "Offset for trackBarH.Maximum" (and trackBarH.Minimum)
And perhaps, our Publisher like this new feature (I love it)

ssj4maiko Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I just thought that using the same method would be something like changing the max and min fixed states of the slider to variable, though I have no idea if it would save, nor if there would be an incompatibility with the slider, anyway, being able to save the file with the correct positions would be great already (Saving -5, to not load as -2).

Also, something I just remembered, and I'm not sure if it's a limitation by hardware, software or a bug.

Basically, when I load multiple "heavy" models, after a certain number, there is an error and it won't let me load any model, or at least, not "heavy" ones. By "heavy" I would usually mean detailed models, like DOA5, but the worst culprits are usually meshmods, specially those that seem to have been made by people not used to it, which sometimes ends up in huge files, and after it's full, it will still let me smaller/non-mod models, until what seems to be a limit is reached. Sometimes it is just garbage from deleted models that I can fix it with a restart, but when even restarting won't free any space. I can only especulate the numbers now, but let's say, if I were to load ~20 DOA5 models at the same time, in another scene, I would be able to load ~8 of these meshmods, so the difference can be pretty significant. Of course, best solution: Fix the model.

Anyway, I was wondering what could this limit be, I have 2 video cards in Crossfire and 32GB RAM, I think it shouldn't be a hardware problem, and just like with farplane, I know sometimes we programmers input a few fixed limits just for the sake of stability and simplicity (And they are big limits that supposedly nobody would reach under normal usage, like the Far Plane), anyway, I won't ask for a fix, as I haven't been getting this error lately (Well, meshmods ended up frustrating me, so I'm not really in the mood for them for some time), I'm just curious if you could give me an answer for this puzzle. No stress, just curiosity. :)
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago

It is a matter of the memory limits in Microsoft .NET framework (32bit ). We all get bombarded by the idea that we can allocate up to 2.4GB (2^32 - 1) in a .NET application but unfortuneately this is not true :(. The application process has that much space to use and the operating system does a great job managing it for us, however, .NET itself seems to have its own overhead which accounts for aproximately 600-800MB for typical real world applications that push the memory limit. This means that as soon as you load modesl that takes about 1.4GB , you should expect to see an OutOfMemoryException().

I hope this insight helps somewhat.
ssj4maiko Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
Oh, nice, or not nice, since it seems to be a limit from the Framework. Anyway, any plans for a future 64bit edition? :D
Dabnis Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I am curious if it would be possible to add a second "floor" plane in XPS?
I'm thinking of having a wall and a floor on which shadows could be cast.

It would look something like this:…

Thanks for your hard work!  :) (Smile) 
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Since  Dec 10, 2013    XPS  The ground plane can be customized by expanding the directory "data\Floor". These variations can then be activated with "Config->swap ground" and you can load a second "floor" plane with "File-->Add Item(s) ..."
Dabnis Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for your reply.

Perhaps I don't understand, or didn't convey my question correctly.

I was wondering about "Shadows".  I've set up a second floor here:…
As you can see, Lara does not cast a shadow on the second "Floor" object, only on the "ground".  This is correct behavior in XPS as one "object" cannot cast a shadow on another.

But I was curious if it would be possible to code a second "Ground" into the XPS scene, where the shadow of the object would not only fall on the "ground", but also
on the "wall" ground (which is at 90 degrees to the original ground plane)?  This would probably have to be done in the code of the program.

Sorry if I have misunderstood your answer!  :) (Smile) 
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Ah ... sorry, it was my misunderstand.

Right, this have to be done in the code of the program.

BTW at developer:
For the ground plane shadow, XPS use

Plane groundPlane = new Plane(Vector3.Up, 0);
return  Matrix.CreateShadow(
Vector3.Negate(game.CalculateLightDirection(lightAngleHorizontal, lightAngleVertical * -1f)),
groundPlane )
   * Matrix.CreateTranslation(groundPlane.Normal  / 100)
junkymana Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
Is it possible to increase the 4 weight per vertex limit?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Feb 4, 2015
Theoretically YES .... But who needs this? And for which models this is needed.
The effort for this change is huge.…

SkinnedEffect.WeightsPerVertex Propiedad
public int WeightsPerVertex { get; set; }

Obtiene o define el número de ponderaciones de enmascaramiento por vértice que se va a evaluar (1, 2 o 4).  Ensamblado: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics (en

junkymana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
Sorry, I responded to myself instead to you.

I just read about the limit total option in Blender. I can there assign a maximum of 4 and then start adjusting the result.
junkymana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
Well, it's me. I was just wondering if it's possible.
Sometimes I have problems when I do custom riggings. When I export to XPS, I loose weights because of this limit.

At first I thought it was because some kind of bug in Blender. But I've read and also have been told recently about the 4 weight per vextex limit in XPS.

I've also read that 4 is the common limit in game engines, so maybe I should try to optimize my riggings somehow. So far I know how to weight paint, not to be caring about limits. But I will try.
junkymana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
I just read about the limit total option in Blender. I can there assign a maximum of 4 and then start adjusting the result.
Dabnis Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I was wondering if there was some thought of adding "render engine" support for XPS?  Shadows take a lot of time to calculate, and I don't think you want to write the code for such complex calculations
into Xna Posing Studio.  Right now, people will export their scene from XPS into another program to render, which, unless you are familiar with the program, is a bit hit and miss.

There are some "Freeware" rendering programs out there, as noted here:…

Perhaps someday, if one of these programs can be shown to be "visually pleasing and easy to operate", then perhaps it can be linked to XPS, where XPS can export the "scene", open the render program with the scene and
then allow the user to set up the parameters for rendering.

I'm not saying it would be easy, but it would be nice to have a rendering program "linked" to XPS that people could use.

I'm currently checking out "Luxrender" and "Kerykythea" as possible candidates for free rendering just for my own use.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Jan 14, 2015
I fave the standalone renderer ... called "Arnold"
You can try it there
black-cat010 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 19, 2014
Hi there Panda Emoji-02 (Cute Waving) [V1]
is there any possibility to have scripts for mmd and sims models so that we can open them in xps directly and use them without the need to convert them in blender or in any other 3d program please?
and the ability to swap face features pleaseMeow :3
and the ability to unbutton the buttons of the shirt or unzip the zipper like here:…
or the ability to do this to the shirt like in this picture:…
thank you Happy Neko 
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
1) What exactly you means wit "the ability to swap face Features" ???
You means the exsisting feature "Modify-->Flip face normals" ... available since "XPS 10.9.4 -- Wardrobe Edition Release -- release 164" ...  Jan 24, 201…
black-cat010 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
i mean the ability to swap face features between models like for example take the nose from model A and swap it with the nose from model B or( the lips - eye brow- ) so that we can have new looking model :) of course if that possible to doNod 
and for wardrobe i know it was already released but i never saw it in the data folder in the next mini new xps versions thats why i forgot about itBlush Ashamed Ashamed  so it will be better to have it as a main feature inside the data folder of xps just like the ( common- dummy-Import_script_demo_fbx-skydome_thailand_sea) right Meow :3 
zecle Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014   Digital Artist
i don't think soft shadows is a really necessary feature. considering you guys aren't paid for entertaining us, why not just focus on basic self casted shadows ?
nothing of a bigdeal, the simple basic stuff that already exists but applied to the models themselves. the basic thing like xbox or SOME gamecube games used to display 10 years ago that is cruelly missing in xps.

and i definitely support the idea of a global axis added to the local axis ! but can i have my gizmo bigger than ONE pixel please ?^^
thanks !
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Oct 28, 2014
- I agree, soft shadows can be done in post processing .... like Photoshop.

- About "Basic self casted shadows":…  There is no way :( (or exactly, I see no way to do it with XNA 3.0 and poseable models)
XNA 3.0 supports at maximum "Pixel/Vertex shader model 3.0". Many XNALara/XPS user has Video cards which only supports shader model 2 :(
We have to deal with 2 limits: "instruction slots"… and "constant registers"…
The current shader, with 3 light sources ... and up to 7 textures blending over each ... and posable models with more then 59 bones per mesh part  ... let every programmer unsuccessfully struggling with this limits.
There are not enough "instruction lots" available to add the complex calculations for "self shading" ... and this calculation is required in Real time ... and

posable models (skinning) waste, at least, 92% from this "constant register" for skinning (bone index). Of course, you can compress a 4x4 bone matrix into 6 floats, 3 for storing rotation about each x,y and z axis and the other three for the translation vector, you could use quaternions or you could directly store euler angles either way the complexity of the vertex shader will grow.
But, you will never have enough "constant register" to store all the data for "self shading calculations" ... even to store the boolean information "Cast shadows On/Off" , there is no register available. ;)
One way to solve the problem you describe is to use something called a Cascaded Shadow Map (CSM). But shadow mapping also has its problems. The time it takes to generate the shadow maps is proportional to the scene complexity and not the model complexity, so it generally takes longer. There's no really efficient way to map a sphere to a 2D Screen rectangle. And last but not least you get artifacts because of limited shadow map precision.
A other way is to render shadow volumes ,  using a non-shadow mapping way to create shadows.This used to be the "old" way of making shadows until shadow maps became more efficient in games, their versatility quickly won developers over into using them.
Perhaps, stencil shadowing ismore practical.
If you want to see what is possible (with static models), then download Demo and Source (4554 KB) ;)
"nothing of a bigdeal, the simple basic stuff that already exists but applied to the models themselves. the basic thing like xbox or SOME gamecube games used to display 10 years ago that is cruelly missing in xps." ???  :lol: You are kidding? Right?  Please make a example :lol:I thinks, you're wrong. Right is, we have to deal with the DirectX 9c limits, and DirectX 9c is available since 10 years. (August 2004)

- Why "visualize a global axis" ????? this axis is never used. XPS visualized the axis used by the current action. ... OK next time bigger than one Pixel. If you want control "how big" to draw the line, then you Need at least a free "constant Register" ;)

- About IK:
I has talk many times about  IK (Inverse Kinematics ) chains and about that IK needs additional model data, which needs a new XPS .mesh format. I am sure, no modeler an no modder and no porter will make such models for XNALara.
DB-Kai Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014 no IK ever?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Oct 30, 2014
Ever? Never say never (say never) again

At the time when 
... modeler, modder or porter tell to me, there would implement a
IK system to create an 'localised' IK bone chain in part of a characters skeletal rig…
... and at the time, when modeler, modder or porter tell to me there want a new file Format, which support this IK chain data…
... and at the time, when modeler, modder or porter respect the XNALara/XPS armature requirements…
than I am sure, XPS support this sceleton
zecle Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014   Digital Artist
i didn't know this already was such an advanced feature.:o (Eek) :( (Sad)  it "looked" so simple due to its age. now i understand.Wink/Razz

ok then about IK posing, fine, we will stick to 3dsmax for that. btw thank you so much guys for developping that xnalaraconverter script to import xps models into 3ds !!!
zecle Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014   Digital Artist
and i also support the IK idea !:happybounce: Clap 
junkymana Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
If possible, a render group wich support this textures: diffuse, normal, specular, evironment.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
Sure, this is possible…
deadchannelsky Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student General Artist
I see inverse kinematics on the list... that would be a SUPER useful feature in XPS!
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Of course.
RocketLombax Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like the new function to tilt the camera. It's got to be one of my favorite features! Though is there any way we could have a slider for it instead of only inputting a number to change the angle? It would really help with getting the angle just right a little more easily I think. Aside from that, I'm another one hoping for the ability to render larger images with the post-processing effects. ^^;

I've always been a huge fan of XPS and XNA! I gotta say though, especially after some of these most recent additions, I really don't think there are many ways it could get much better! It's really quite fantastic! I can't thank you guys enough! :D
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
:hug: Thanks a lot for this comment :huggle:

+ "Render larger images with the post-processing effects" works well. ;)
- "Render larger images with the BLOOM effects" is on the TODO list ... since ages. :(
+ "A slider for it instead of only inputting a number to change the angle" ... Sure!  :D Something People wonder,  but nobody wants to ask !
Bigboyboa Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
I don't know if it has already being suggested by anybody, anyway here goes. Can we make the mouse wheel pan the screen? I mean, by pressing and holding the mouse wheel button we could pan around the screen, the same function that exists with shift+left mouse click. Thank you.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
- Yes we can do it.
+ you can do it by pressing and holding the left and the right mouse button and drag the mouse ;)
but when you tell yourself always " I can't make it", it's your choice that rules everything!”
Bigboyboa Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
I don't know if this has already being suggested, anyway, here goes. Can you make the mouse wheel pan the screen? I mean, by pressing and holding the wheel, in order to have the same function as when we hold shift and pan around with the left mouse button.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Swap more then 2 alternate "Optional Items" ... like this request… useful for example 'A lot of expression textures in optional items' like this cute Project Diva F Hatsune Miku model 
Goha7777 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Quick question - is it possible to comment out text in mesh.asci format like in some programming languages? Example, since I dunno how to explain If not, would it be possible to add it? I think it could be useful for modders, I wonder if anybody would use it.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
Right, in some issues you can comment out text in mesh.ascii format, like in some programming languages ... using the hash sign #
1 # meshes
1 # textures
0 # uv layer index
994 # vertices
1984 # faces ... only Tris allowed

My question: In which issues you want 'to comment out text' ? ... For example, if you comment out the data for a face ... like
1984 # faces
# 0 2 1
you must also decrement the face counter (1984 in this example) and you must comment out the vertices ... which are assigned to this indices 0,1,2 ... if no other face refer to this vertices .... and decrease the 'vertex counter' by 3 .... like
991 # vertices
# -5.67579320432e-07 -7.7486038208e-07 -0.999999880791
# 0.0 0.0 -1.0
# 255 255 255 204
# 0.499999850988 0.485000252724
# 0 0 0 0
# 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0
# 0.0961330235004 0.0191218852997 -0.995184659958
# 0.11209448427 0.0222785118967 -0.993438541889
# 255 255 255 204
# 0.537869691849 0.477467298508
# 0 0 0 0
# 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0
# 0.0980163067579 -1.78813934326e-07 -0.995184659958
# 0.0979949310422 0.0 -0.995178103447
# 255 255 255 204
# 0.538611590862 0.48500007391
# 0 0 0 0
# 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0

I am sure, nobody really want this feature ;)
Goha7777 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
I was thinking of something like adding notes for the modders, or even myself to look in the future like "this mesh part contains x and y", "do not remove doubles from this mesh" and so on.

But yeah, you're right, notes can be left in a readme as well.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
vvv or better behind
1 # uv layers

1 # bones
0 0 0
1 # meshes
1 # uv layers -- Only a demo with 'vertex colors' with alpha channel like '255 255 255 20'
1 # textures
0 # uv layer index
994 # vertices
Goha7777 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Oh sweet, that's what I was thinking about, thanks for telling me that!
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
You can add such a note behind
 4 # textures
Sereda-Hawke Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. I have an idea but I am not sure its possible I used paint to try and show what I mean.…
If we could use rmb to highlight unwanted bones and maybe a window appear to confirm deletion. The check box was another option but it might still take as long as renaming everything to unused. I suggest this because with very complex models renaming could take hours. Hopefully it can be helpful :)
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
- Thanks for this Suggestion :hug: Of course this feature can be useful ... but XNALara allows onls 1 selected bone (tree) ... and not a 'Multi select'. The 'control window' is developed for posing purposes, and not for modding.
- Adding a complete new GUI (graphical user Interface ) can be a way to implement this feature.
- I delete or rename bones  ... from very very complex models ... in lesser than 1 minute ;) using Ctrl+H  or F2 ... 'node selection' ... and/or the BoneDict.txt feature ... available since XPS 10.9.4 - Wardrobe Edition
Sereda-Hawke Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww okay. I didn't try the ctrl+H method because I thought that the bones would reappear after I save it or at least are still part of the skeleton. I will try it out. The bone dict would take just as long because of "xxxx attached" will always have to be added to convert to "unused or a useable bone"
junkymana Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
I just found this section.
I sent this note a few wheeks ago because I didn't know opinions or requests where supposed to be here.

Nice work with XNA/XPS BTW
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
-  meshes to be splited in "!nParts!" ... is a BUG related to the "use old generic format (without guarantee)" feature ... and fixed in the next version.
- A way of applying or removing more than one optional item at the same time ... exist since XPS Version 9.9 :lol: exactly like you want ;)  With "Ctrl" + "mouse click" or Shift+LMB
- Some real shadowing effect  ... is on the TODO list above ... with my comments :( ... like Dusan (The XNALara creator) says: "Haha, no graphics card is able to render this in realtime"…
- A way of exporting models in .obj, but just the model selected  ... exist since Version 5.0 ... just hide the other models using the "Show" button above the 'bone tree'
- models that uses the same name for textures ... right this problem exists since XNALara Version 5.0 ... I am wonder why nobody has written a Change Request ;)
- Moving multiple bones at the same time. ... Right you can do that selecting the bone group, butway of selecting bones and just move the ones U  ... read the post directly above your post… 
junkymana Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
I expressed my self wrong with the applying or removing optional items. I was meaning to do this when the objects are already displayed as optional items.

One more thing (maybe it's already implemented too :)) Could it be possible to increase the speed of moving models when pressing MAYUS? I know you can place a model quickly with CTRL + MOUSE, but when trying to move them in one axis I use CTRL/MAYUS + ARROW KEYS. And I think the movement is a bit slow.
And also maybe a way of selecting multiple models at once. This could make faster deleting models and moving them on any axis at the same time.

Anyway, thanks for answering.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Optional items: ...  Ah, that makes sense. BTW: Press inside the 'Render main window" the shortcut 'a' (without the quote ... hotkey for Display accessories-->Optional Items-->)
Is it already implemented too: ... The full change log, with all implemented features, is always here -->… <--
Move itemsin one axis: ... Since Version 2.6 -- release 018 ... new shortcut: (Shift ) arrow keys: precise positioning of characters on the ground plane (two speeds) ==> Press the SHIFT key to increase the speed.
electing multiple models at once: Added to the TODO list. The statement by DusanPavlicek , the XNALara Creator himself:… "The whole graphical interface is based on the assumption that only a single model can be selected at any time. This relates to the displayed list of bones, position textboxes and sliders, model scale, camera pivots/targets etc. So a multi-select goes directly against the current concept of the interface... " ... so the answer is "Unfortunately, no"
1) Select the first model
2) Invoke "Options-->Add to ..."
3) Choose the next model
4) Coose the "root ground" bone
junkymana Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Thanks for info.

I know SHIFT increases speed, but I was wondering if it could be faster. It's not a big need for me, but I think it could be helpful in some cases.
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