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Please help to improve XPS the XNA Model Viewer !
What functionality of XPS/XNALara/GLLara you like? - What should be changed?
Your opinion is needed.
Designate what bothers you and what you like. Then it would be changed.

Our group will make a statement at any point. And later we append a list to show what changes will be implemented.

Thanks in advance.


What is XNALara/XPS

XNALara is a real time posing and rendering program written by Dusan Pavlicek and had been released for the first time on February, 20, 2009 on
Dusan, the creator of XNALara, managed to extract Lara Croft's model from the game Tomb Raider Underworld (TRU), converted it for his program, using the Microsoft XNA framework, and shared it, letting people play with it and create art.

Dusan has updating his program many times (release 001 - release 136). Dec 31, 2010 he has stoped the development and has released the program source code for using without any restrictions as "Public domain software".

I've extended the program for the use of non-TRU character with the version 7.2
From that time, XNALara gained a lot of new fans, as it is not "Tomb Raider" or "Lara Croft" related only anymore, as every single 3d model can be imported in XNALara via Blender or 3ds Max.

There is a huge -and quickly growing- list of 3d models and characters you can use in XNALara and create wonderful renders! Since version 9.7.8 therfore XNALara has the new name XNALara/XPS (Xna Posing Studio). Release 137 - release 174

XNALara - 3D posing software, free of charge, primarily for Tomb Raider: Underworld model. The first model was Lara Croft, wearing her "jungle shorts".

Please respect, you needs a permission document, given by the real owner, if you will share a model which is not made from scratch by yourself.

XPS - "XNA Model Viewer" and 3D posing software based on XNALara, for any 3D character. With a rather rudimentary way to make a keyframe animation. Free of charge.

Se il bicchiere mezzo pieno o mezzo vuoto in ultima analisi lo decide l’osservatore.
Ho un turbine di pensieri in testa che sto cercando di mettere in ordine.
Dato che siete come e più di me smanettone e che sicuramente c’è fra voi un’ottima percentuale che ha testato XPS,
vi domando un parere.

Se potete cercate di essere “analogici” o forse meglio qualitativi: se c’è qualcosa che vi piace ditemi perché, se qualcosa non vi piace idem.
In un successivo contributo farò il possibile per informarmi ed esprimere un’opinione sensata su ciascun aspetto sollevato.

A voi, e grazie!

Additional Feature
  • - Done :wave: Add monochromatics to make it look almost like celluloid or an old photograph.
  • - Done :wave: Cel toon shader
  • - Done :wave: Request by :iconxxfreakyunderworldxx: New 'Render Goups' which supports multiple UV sets -- 10.9.7 supports 2 uv layers for every 'Render group'
  • - Done :wave: Request by :iconatlantib:  Wardrobe feature. Sample…
  • - Done :wave: Request by "Hongfire Wong" Support for "texture packs" :thumbsup: XPS 10.9.3a2
  • - Done :wave: Auto add camera pivot to familiar bone name, if this pivot are missing inside the model. Request by :iconkinasuki: and :icontombraider4ever:                    
  • - Done :wave: Emission maps like this…  --  Request by :iconxo-bahamut-ox: and :icontakebon999: Made available by :iconzcochrane: :hug:
                       Tutorial for XNALara/XPS here… ;)
  • - Done :wave: I wish there was quick save-pose like the quick save image. :thumbsup: Ctrl+P (F9) added in XPS 10.9.2 Request by :iconrobotrobot99:  
  • - Done :wave: Add a double click event to the bones list in the control window to zoom in on selected bone. Request by :iconkinasuki:
                       New camera pivot "selected bone"
  • - Done :wave: "Quick-save image F5" now always stores the image without visible bones names and link squares and HUD filename -- Request by :iconarmorvil:
  • - Done :wave: Add a way to add text to the image via speech bubbles -- Request by :iconarmorvil:
  • - Done :wave: "Lock Position"…
  • - Done :wave: "Lock Scene "…
  • - Done :wave:  New render group with support of Specular & Emission Maps at the same time.
  • - Done :wave:  Emission effect with diffuse, light, normal, spec and emission maps
  • >- Done :wave:  Rotation of the camera. Sample…

  • XNAStraightPose Feature like this…
  • REDO command which reverts the effects of the undo action. Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z
  • Full screen 'Render Window' without title bar
  • The ability to move lights around
  • A new menu item to split a .scene file up into several scenes to load each one individually.
  • The ability to add sounds to make your own avi movies, like "Emitting the noise of a flushing toilet to spare a woman blushes."
  • A function to automatically detect (measure) the exact X,Y,Z position of certain point in an environment..
  • Texture "projection painting"
  • Dual sceen support. For example the "main render window" onto the secondary monitor and the dialog windows like the "Control window" onto the primary.
  • Store animations as animated gif --  leave marks though.
  • Environmental maps which react to light
  • Importing and exporting of other file formats to xps, like smd or psk
  • Collada .dae import/export
  • Merge 2 models to swap a outfit
  • Auto rigging and skinning
  • Model light settings individually
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Drag and Drop for pose-, model and scene files would be awesome.
  • Displacement maps……
  • Support for KINECT to pose or record animation…
  • Soft shadows… + source code
  • Reflective maps  [Raytrace… ]  or  [Mirror texturing… ]
  • Raytrace shadows…
  • Create and move lightpoints (colour, intensity, shadow on/off etc)  
  • Ability to rotate bones on the 3 global axis, as well as its local axis.
  • Morphing system

I like this. Dont touche it.
  • Rename bones feature

Keep the feature, but change it on this way:
  • - Done :wave:  When you hide bones in the control window can they be hidden in the viewer as well
  • - Done :wave: Improvement of the representation of the double Alpha transparent. Example Eyelashes behind Hairs.  This feature are integrated with the Blender exporter 2.3… Request by :iconsterrennacht:
  • - Done :wave:  Set the "shadow default flag" for environments, with .OBJ format, to OFF Request by :iconkinasuki:
  • - Done :wave:  Restore the last position of the Render Window.  :thumbsup: BUG fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Request by :iconcheojunio:
  • - Done :wave:  "Alt + LMB click" set camera  position  on ground plane. Request by :iconkinasuki:
  • - Done :wave:  Change the skipped folder warning into only one notification popup (toggleable) with the list of skipped folder.  New menu item 'Settings-->Show warnings' ... Warnings disabled by default

  • A alternate way to select bone joints inside the 3D window, when body parts or bones are overlapping.
  • After you clicked on a bar or slider, you can use the mouse-wheel to adjust it.
  • All shortcuts from 'Main Window' can be also used if the 'Control Window' are activated.
  • Controls can be altered in the settings menu. The current settings are the default ones.
  • The stay on top setting still isnt working .. at the start. you have to disable then reenable it so the control window stays on top. ... I cannot reproduce this issue
  • Different "back face culling" settings for different models in the same scene at the same time
  • Mechanism like the option "Look at camera". :) Now just need for cloth/hair.
  • More lightsources :thumbsup: New "Spotlight"… with XPS 10.9.5 "Spotlight Edition"
  • Specify the image size when using the bloom effect. :) Currently, a team member implement it. We are waiting for his result.
  • Setting the intensity of the normal map. :thumbsup: We hope that this is already implemented in GLLAra.
    I have no experience with shader programming. :(
  • I want to cast a shadow on any object.  :thumbsdown: :thumbsup:  I do not think that this will be possible in "real time",
    perhaps with shadow maps… , but it's not trivial to implement.
  • Keep "Lock" model and add an option to "freeze" a model.
  • On this time, you can only toggle 2 outfits… not 3 ore more.…
  • Interchangeable .scene format.
  • Selecting multiple models at once

I dislike this. Please remove/change it.
  • - Done :wave: Support for deprecated render groups 24-25-26-27 Request by :iconsumirehaikuxna:
                     :thumbsup: Implemented with XPS 10.9.2 Retro Edition
  • - Done :wave: Not so many warnings Request by :iconxxfreakyunderworldxx:
                     :thumbsup: Implemented with XPS 10.9.6 Reboot Edition. New menu item 'Settings-->Show warnings' ... All warnings are disabled by default


  • Link to the latest version XPS 11.0 -- Osiris Lara Edition
  • Download link XNALara/XPS 10.9.6 alpha 6 ... DELETED ... Nobody want to test it ... nobody reports BUGs… )
    • ChangeSceneFile included -- If a model of a scene does not exist, then it is possible to manually search for it.
    • New feature. "Alt + LMB click" set camera position on ground plane.
    • BUG fix -- Speech Bubbles are now saved with and without BLOOM toggled off.
    • New render group number 34_ as test group for new features
    • All render groups allows now to selected a mesh part and recolor the mesh's texture using a color dialog. XPS tinted the mesh part with the values by the entered colour. XPS mix this color with the texture colors. Choose a white color to restore the original texture color.
       The Blend-Mode are Multiply - combines the picked  color  with the colors of the underlying texture to produce darker colors. Multiplying the texture with black results in black, multiplying with white produces no changes.  All other colors  are combined with the colors on the underlying texture image.
        To inking a part invoke the new menu item
      Options-->Change mesh part color
      Many many thanks and kiss @:iconshabbychick: for the support :blowkiss:

      Of course, you can store the result with Modify-->Save_Generic_Item as .mesh. As either binary Generic_Item.mesh (xps.xps) or ascii (Generic_Item.mesh.ascii) file.

      Shader code, at this time with "Multiply color blend mode" ... next time with "overlay blend mode":

      float4 MeshColor; // set with XPS->Options->Change mesh part color

      float4 GetDiffuseColor(float2 texCoord) {
         float4 color = tex2D(DiffuseTextureSampler, texCoord) * MeshColor;
         if (!DisplayTextures) {
           color.rgb = 0.75;
         return color;

      XNA code:

      // Get the color from the color dialog box ... invoked by "XPS->Options->Change mesh part color"
      System.Drawing.Color color = dialog.Color;
      meshDesc.MeshColor = new Color(color.R, color.G, color.B, color.A);
      // ...
      // Convert the Object from Color to Vector4
      Vector4 meshColor = ConvertLightColor(mesh.MeshColor, mesh.ColorIntensity);
      // ...
      // RenderSceneFull

EDIT: XPS 10.9.6a6 now with same color blend model like the Photoshop 'Overlay blend mode' -- Many many thanks and kiss @:iconshabbychick: for the support :blowkiss:

Add a Comment:
junkymana Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Could it be an option to reload the model selected? And to be functional for the different formats (.mesh, .ascii and .xps)?
I think it can be helpful when testing. Instead of having to remove the model or reset the scene and then import again.

And a curiosity question. Why when having a model ported to XPS and later imported back to Blender (don't know with other 3d programs), the bones are possitioned differently? To me it happens all the time specially with the helper bones (twist, ctr, adj, fix, etc. Each porter give a different name). And the rest of the bones have a different rotation, I mean, the bone axis are facing differently.

I don't know why. When I place the armature for later start rigging and after do the port, I place the bones in one way. And after re-importing, this is different. The only ones who keep the original positions are the spine and neck bones.

Not something that bothers me too much, just with the fingers. But I am curios why this happens. :baffled:
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited 6 hours ago
Facepalm1 There IS an option to reload the selected model, since XNALara 7.3 -- release 080
- new menu command Clone selected model: it will create a clone of the currently selected/active model; the clone will be created on the exactly same position as the original model (use Ctrl click on the ground to place it somewhere else), with the same scale and pose applied to it

When YOU having a model ported to XPS, you should know about what you have done ... and what you have not done! Hover over a model in XNALara: Since XNALara 1.2 -- release 003, the bones link(s) (fulcrum) are visual as bone selector in the 3D window. It is a dot. Take a look into the .mesh.ascii file:
root hips
0 # parent index
0.0 1.140024 0.0
The model contains the "bone name" (root hips), the number of the parent bone (0), and the xyz coordinate of the bone Joint (0.0 1.140024 0.0). Thats all. There are no informations about something like rotation, direction, lenght, bone head and tail ... or "bone axis". Therefore, if you  later imported the model back to Blender ... the bones cannot have a different "direction" ... because the bones of the model have none direction ;)
About "Each porter give a different Name ... yes ... what a bummer ... nobody cares about the naming convention.

I don't know why YOU place the bones in one way and why you dont save this as .blend file ... if you want to start rigging later.
BTW: ALL bones have after re-importing the original positions (xyz coordinate ) ... depend of the Floating point - precision of Blender ... not only the spine and neck bones.

I am curious why nobody was wondering about XPS - Countdown Axis Edition -- release 174
-  Bone axis can be visualized. The Config Menu has a new option to display a coordinate cross along with the feature to turn on/off x-ray.
It was a lot of effort ...and it is not easy to visualize something which not exists ... like the bone orientation ;)
MermaidPrincess9001 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015

Add a bone bookmark list of sorts where a user can add/remove a selected bone to/from the quick list. It'd make life much easier if I could just add the few bones I'm working with and jump between them really quickly.

Add functionality to move bones between groups and make new groups.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Thanks for this suggestions.

"bone bookmark list" Done…

"move bones between Groups. Make new Groups. Delete groups" Also done, since "XPS 10.9.8 -- Manolo Manolis Edition  -- release 168", "XPS 10.9.4 -- Wardrobe Edition Release -- release 164" and "XPS 10.7.1 -- release 149"… 
- If you want to move the bone from the wrong goup "head" to the right group "hair", then click inside the "Control Window" to the bone named "head front hair left" ... Press F2 ... and rename it to "hair front left"
Every "blank" (space bar) sign, makes a new node.
- If you want to remove a Group, click on the node (for example "hair") ... press F2 ... and delete the node name (string "hair" to "" .... without the quotes) 
DIDpedoTED Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Is there any way to prevent your model from shiny texture loss from attaching an item to it and save it as a generic item?
This problem has been bugging me for years...Do i need to use blender or 3DS max for the job?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015
 Thumbs Up
Will be fixed with the next version.

No, you do not need Blender or 3DS max. Notepad is sufficient…
DIDpedoTED Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015
Omg...thanks you so much..
I feel like an idoit for two years without realising it was that simple all along!

I feel so fuffiled thanks you ^^
KiNASuki Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
I would like to suggest a reworking for alternate texture feature. As of right now, we have the alternate texture on a folder on same level directory, marked with "Model -- Alt" .

however, with current implementation, alternative textures that affects different meshes will requires more more and more folders that combine them. 

Example, most of DoA models comes with alternative panties color and wet skin textures. Given 4 panties colors variation and wet skin textures, we need to have 8 folders alone (1 base + 7 alt) . to cover all combinations.

My suggestion involves adding a load alternate texture via file -> load alternate textures.. and simply reload and replace those alternate textures on a current model.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
thx for this suggestion :hug:

1. "Model -- Alt"

2. Right

3. "DoA models" ... Would be nice to have such a original model for testing ... but I thinks, I understand.

4. Sounds great. And easy to implement into XPS.
It is like "copy those alternate texture into the model folder" and press F8 (File-->"Reload textures of selected model" ) ... just using a "File selection dialoag box" instead of "copy those alternate texture into the model folder"

Tomorrow you can test it (Beta version) <==
BTW:… ;)
KiNASuki Featured By Owner Edited Mar 21, 2015
Example model -> xnalara-customized.deviantart.…
2 base model (long and ponytail hair)
4 panties recolor
1 wet textures

Make sure we can load multiple textures set at once.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
Hmmm .... I does not find the original model made by "Marina Pelacchi" ... a port is useless ... and this porter is on my "ignore list"
KiNASuki Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
zareef's DoA port then..…

this one have 4 panties retex and wet tex
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
... but tis is also a XNALara pt .. ad not a original model :( ... Ok, better than nothing.
KiNASuki Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
Ah sorry.. My XPS are now only consist of DoA models and those from my forum release back then :\ 

And environment. It takes too much space for other models and I hardly use them anyway.
junkymana Featured By Owner Edited Mar 5, 2015
Is there any way to change the deffault Normal map coordinate system from the new RG_40/41 (RGB X+Y-Z-)? Wouldn't these cause viewing issues while using meshes with different RG's?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Mar 5, 2015
Already done. ;) since Feb 18, 2015   :(  But nobody cares :lol:

The XNA Posing Studio XPS 11.1 -- Osiris Isis Edition -- release 178 ... made for the  XNALara 6th anniversary  ... use the default normal map swizzle coordinates  (RGB X+Y-Z+) for the RG_40/41 and Change the Flag to +Z for the exsisting ToO models.

XPS 11.1 fix also some small BUG's
- BUG-Fix: The shader Celmap for ToO works now without BUG (Bumpmap enable/disable)
- BUG-Fix: "Bubble head puppet" are now related to the "selected Item" ... and not the "Global scene"
- BUG-Fix: Some small Bug fixes for "File-->Reset Scene"
junkymana Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015
Yeah, I see many people don't care about those. They are even porters wich don't care about fixing normal textures :(
But I can't find any link for 11.1 version. Is it out already, or we still have to wait?

Anyway, thanks again :) :clap:
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
I don't know anything about the release date. I regret, at the request of the Community, since 2 years, someone else determines this.
junkymana Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
I see.
Well, I guess I'll have to wait. Thanks again for answering :)
junkymana Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
Ummm, I can't download it :(
Seems like the download button is only a picture.

Maybe I'm blind, but really, I can't manage to download it :cry:
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
You must login to download it
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junkymana Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
Wow, thanks :) :clap:
MVegeta Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I'd like to make some suggestions to better the use of XPS for both old and new users. Sorry if anyone already suggested these before.

1) I think the interface of the program needs a bit touching up or at least some revamping. It's been the same for quite some time now and I feel that it doesn't "invite" new users on using it. Of course it can be improved a lot for us old users and porters too. The following picture that I quickly made on Photoshop will show you what I mean:

Now this fake menu you see on the picture, not only feels more comfortable to work on but it has the following features:
i) Control window and main window joined as one. This solves a lot of problems with overlapping separate windows BUT you can't go full-screen! This can be solved easily with a full-screen hot key or simply by double-clicking the model screen.
ii) Model and bone rotation controls are also separated which in my opinion makes it more clear to find out what you are doing when you want to pose models. Plus, one can easily select the bone from 3d view and rotate, move or scale it accordingly.

2) I think it's high time that XPS used animations properly and not as pose sequences. There should be an "animation window" that supports animations and motions of different types and loaded with a simple click. Some embedded animations (like the turnaround) should be there as well but with the option to add our own too of course. The poses we load can be included in that menu as well. Nice, clean and easy to use don't you think? :)

2a) I also suggest that in the menu i mentioned, there should be pre existing poses with face expressions or anything similar (like smile, sad, angry, etc). How would that help? That would not only help us porters to test our models better before we release them but it should help those that want to achieve a quick result when posing in a small amount of time! It's also helpful for those who are just getting started on XPS too!

3) Lastly, from my experience, I've seen that there is a lot of confusion as to where the stages are and that's understandable because stages are included inside the data folders along with the models! I know that you can create your own folders and load them from there but I suggest that in the root folder of XPS, there should be 2 sub folders that are named "character or user models" and "stages", accompanied by a small menu tweak (like this: Should help a lot!

These are some small things but I strongly believe that will make XPS a much more efficient and user friendly program! Sorry for the long text and just to be clear, I'm not implying that those changes are easy to do nor am I demanding them! Those are just a few things I have in mind and I would like to see for my beloved XPS! Have a nice day everyone! :)
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Mar 2, 2015
thx for your suggestions. :hug:

My personal opinion:
  1. Single window vs Multiple windows - Developers 
    There certainly are advantages and disadvantages in both ways. Some user(s) ask even for hiding the window frame and title bar. Your suggestion waste the available '3D Render' canvas
    You can already easily select the bone from 3d view and rotate, move or scale it accordingly ... using "(Shift+) q/w/e/s LMB drag"
  2. The internal design from XNALara is made to show a single model: Lara wearing here jungle shorts outfit.
    A "Turntable" already exists…
    A option to add your own Animation exists since XPS Script Edition  -- release 172… 
    User made Animation can be loaded since XPS 10.0…
    • Pre existing poses with face expressions or anything similar (like smile, sad, angry) are available since 1.0 -- release 001 ... with "File-->Load pose ..." ==> Recapitulative thread of user-made poses for XNALara
      Since XNALara 3.0 -- release 02 ...  it's possible to load/save not only the pose of the entire body but also the pose of selected parts of the body (selected bones), such as the face, hands etc.
      Every user made model have a different armature, that's why 'hard wire pre exisisting' poses are not possible.
  3. Why confusing the users with 2 folders  and 2 menu items for models? One for 'non poseable models' (stage) and a other for 'poseable models' (character) ??? ... If you want this, than you can do it. There are already 2 menu items "Modify-->Load Generic" and "Modify-->Load .obj" ... although "Load Generic_Item (and File-->Add Item) can load .obj as well ;)
MVegeta Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see what you mean on all of these and I think that the rule "win some, lose some" goes without saying here!

But since XPS is being used by many, we all use it differently so I strongly believe that there should be a more customizable interface so we can make it work as we want to. This is actually the essence of all the suggestions I made. Don't get me wrong, the changes that have been made over the versions of XPS are awesome but in my opinion, it's not only the engine that runs in the background that needs changing.

I know that there are workarounds for almost everything I said but since a fresh new look with features that make XPS work easier and more efficiently is possible, why not do it? Not all of the people that use it can understand the technical stuff, that's why they think that each new version of XPS is the same as the old one.

Anyways, that's what I wanted to suggest! Thanks for your time! :)
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Mar 3, 2015
I see what you mean, but XNALara/XPS is build with the Microsoft framework XNA. The XNA framework do not support a customizable interface. Making the interface customizable, is of course changing the whole XNA (game) engine.
The result is a complet new application from scratch. XNALara required XNA ... but XNALara use it in a not common way. If you want something new, then try  Kane's Model Viewer for XNA ... This tool is mimicing the behavior of 3dsmax 2012's model viewing conventions, so that our model viewer feels as familiar as possible, to the artists who will be the primary users. Customizable ? No way. Making a GUI system is harder than it may appear.
MVegeta Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright then, you explained your points loud and clear and you made it easy for me to understand what's up!
I'm not a programmer so like I said, I didn't think that those changes could be easily made.

Ok, I'll give Kane's model viewer a try, thanks for letting me know abou it!
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015
:hug: .... sorry for my english.

BTW: One of our developer .... D1m0s works currently to improve the GUI
D1m0s Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
That's not the only one impovement I'm working on ;) But... Shh 
MVegeta Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw come on, that's not fair! At least give us some previews!
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Mar 5, 2015
Hopefully the impovement will eventually be published. ;)
MVegeta Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your english is pefect! If it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to understand what you wanted to say to me! ;)

That's awesome to know and seems that a part of what I suggested is included in there! I'm happy to see that some customizations are finally happening on XPS!
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Mar 5, 2015
We are glad that young people expand our small (one-person show) team. He come up with new ideas. ;)
We have to rethink how ideas happen and to examine what they can do to implement better innovation processes, but it is little wonder that so many good ideas never even come to the attention of our Publisher :(

Put simply, if good ideas don’t get hatched, they won’t get launched.  Therefore, this thread try to involve our users in the process of generating ideas. New products are most often initiated by ideas from users, rather than from in-house brainstorming sessions or developed by programers ;) But we needs programers and Publisher ... with enough leisure and pleasure ... and we needs users, like you, who share their ideas with us and other XNALara/XPS enthusiasts around the world :hug:

But of course, the most time it is a "one-person show" :lol:
(1 Reply)
ssj4maiko Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2015
So I recently found this tutorial talking about the FarPlane config in the file which is awesome, since I don't need to re-scale large settings anymore, but using the same method, is it possible to make custom limits to the "Height" option? Right now the limit is -2 to 15, in some scenes with tall buildings (change max height) or sea/pools (change min height) that kinda make things limited.

I know it's possible to instantly pose a model anywhere right now by directly typing the height needed, but beyond that, it's impossible to fine-tune, since it always resets to the limit, and when reloading a saved scene, it will always position between these limits.

My idea of making it the same way as the FarPlane option is because I know the slider could turn inconvenient or weird for people who don't need it.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2015
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
I understand the goal behind the request.

Technically, the FarPlane Workaround… and the Height slider issue, are very different. I think the use of the configuration file is not a good idea,. This is a "Workaround" and we have find a other solution.

At this time, our very talented developer D1m0s implement a new feature "Config-->Preferences" as Dialog Window. Perhaps he find a nice and user friendly way to define  a "Offset for trackBarH.Maximum" (and trackBarH.Minimum)
And perhaps, our Publisher like this new feature (I love it)

ssj4maiko Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
I just thought that using the same method would be something like changing the max and min fixed states of the slider to variable, though I have no idea if it would save, nor if there would be an incompatibility with the slider, anyway, being able to save the file with the correct positions would be great already (Saving -5, to not load as -2).

Also, something I just remembered, and I'm not sure if it's a limitation by hardware, software or a bug.

Basically, when I load multiple "heavy" models, after a certain number, there is an error and it won't let me load any model, or at least, not "heavy" ones. By "heavy" I would usually mean detailed models, like DOA5, but the worst culprits are usually meshmods, specially those that seem to have been made by people not used to it, which sometimes ends up in huge files, and after it's full, it will still let me smaller/non-mod models, until what seems to be a limit is reached. Sometimes it is just garbage from deleted models that I can fix it with a restart, but when even restarting won't free any space. I can only especulate the numbers now, but let's say, if I were to load ~20 DOA5 models at the same time, in another scene, I would be able to load ~8 of these meshmods, so the difference can be pretty significant. Of course, best solution: Fix the model.

Anyway, I was wondering what could this limit be, I have 2 video cards in Crossfire and 32GB RAM, I think it shouldn't be a hardware problem, and just like with farplane, I know sometimes we programmers input a few fixed limits just for the sake of stability and simplicity (And they are big limits that supposedly nobody would reach under normal usage, like the Far Plane), anyway, I won't ask for a fix, as I haven't been getting this error lately (Well, meshmods ended up frustrating me, so I'm not really in the mood for them for some time), I'm just curious if you could give me an answer for this puzzle. No stress, just curiosity. :)
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It is a matter of the memory limits in Microsoft .NET framework (32bit ). We all get bombarded by the idea that we can allocate up to 2.4GB (2^32 - 1) in a .NET application but unfortuneately this is not true :(. The application process has that much space to use and the operating system does a great job managing it for us, however, .NET itself seems to have its own overhead which accounts for aproximately 600-800MB for typical real world applications that push the memory limit. This means that as soon as you load modesl that takes about 1.4GB , you should expect to see an OutOfMemoryException().

I hope this insight helps somewhat.
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Oh, nice, or not nice, since it seems to be a limit from the Framework. Anyway, any plans for a future 64bit edition? :D
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I am curious if it would be possible to add a second "floor" plane in XPS?
I'm thinking of having a wall and a floor on which shadows could be cast.

It would look something like this:…

Thanks for your hard work!  :) (Smile) 
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Since  Dec 10, 2013    XPS  The ground plane can be customized by expanding the directory "data\Floor". These variations can then be activated with "Config->swap ground" and you can load a second "floor" plane with "File-->Add Item(s) ..."
Dabnis Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for your reply.

Perhaps I don't understand, or didn't convey my question correctly.

I was wondering about "Shadows".  I've set up a second floor here:…
As you can see, Lara does not cast a shadow on the second "Floor" object, only on the "ground".  This is correct behavior in XPS as one "object" cannot cast a shadow on another.

But I was curious if it would be possible to code a second "Ground" into the XPS scene, where the shadow of the object would not only fall on the "ground", but also
on the "wall" ground (which is at 90 degrees to the original ground plane)?  This would probably have to be done in the code of the program.

Sorry if I have misunderstood your answer!  :) (Smile) 
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Ah ... sorry, it was my misunderstand.

Right, this have to be done in the code of the program.

BTW at developer:
For the ground plane shadow, XPS use

Plane groundPlane = new Plane(Vector3.Up, 0);
return  Matrix.CreateShadow(
Vector3.Negate(game.CalculateLightDirection(lightAngleHorizontal, lightAngleVertical * -1f)),
groundPlane )
   * Matrix.CreateTranslation(groundPlane.Normal  / 100)
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Is it possible to increase the 4 weight per vertex limit?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Feb 4, 2015
Theoretically YES .... But who needs this? And for which models this is needed.
The effort for this change is huge.…

SkinnedEffect.WeightsPerVertex Propiedad
public int WeightsPerVertex { get; set; }

Obtiene o define el número de ponderaciones de enmascaramiento por vértice que se va a evaluar (1, 2 o 4).  Ensamblado: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics (en

junkymana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
Sorry, I responded to myself instead to you.

I just read about the limit total option in Blender. I can there assign a maximum of 4 and then start adjusting the result.
junkymana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
Well, it's me. I was just wondering if it's possible.
Sometimes I have problems when I do custom riggings. When I export to XPS, I loose weights because of this limit.

At first I thought it was because some kind of bug in Blender. But I've read and also have been told recently about the 4 weight per vextex limit in XPS.

I've also read that 4 is the common limit in game engines, so maybe I should try to optimize my riggings somehow. So far I know how to weight paint, not to be caring about limits. But I will try.
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