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Please help to improve XPS the XNA Model Viewer !
What functionality of XPS/XNALara/GLLara you like? - What should be changed?
Your opinion is needed.
Designate what bothers you and what you like. Then it would be changed.

Our group will make a statement at any point. And later we append a list to show what changes will be implemented.

Thanks in advance.


What is XNALara/XPS

XNALara is a real time posing and rendering program written by Dusan Pavlicek and had been released for the first time on February, 20, 2009 on
Dusan, the creator of XNALara, managed to extract Lara Croft's model from the game Tomb Raider Underworld (TRU), converted it for his program, using the Microsoft XNA framework, and shared it, letting people play with it and create art.

Dusan has updating his program many times (release 001 - release 136). Dec 31, 2010 he has stoped the development and has released the program source code for using without any restrictions as "Public domain software".

I've extended the program for the use of non-TRU character with the version 7.2
From that time, XNALara gained a lot of new fans, as it is not "Tomb Raider" or "Lara Croft" related only anymore, as every single 3d model can be imported in XNALara via Blender or 3ds Max.

There is a huge -and quickly growing- list of 3d models and characters you can use in XNALara and create wonderful renders! Since version 9.7.8 therfore XNALara has the new name XNALara/XPS (Xna Posing Studio). Release 137 - release 174

XNALara - 3D posing software, free of charge, primarily for Tomb Raider: Underworld model. The first model was Lara Croft, wearing her "jungle shorts".

Please respect, you needs a permission document, given by the real owner, if you will share a model which is not made from scratch by yourself.

XPS - "XNA Model Viewer" and 3D posing software based on XNALara, for any 3D character. With a rather rudimentary way to make a keyframe animation. Free of charge.

Se il bicchiere mezzo pieno o mezzo vuoto in ultima analisi lo decide l’osservatore.
Ho un turbine di pensieri in testa che sto cercando di mettere in ordine.
Dato che siete come e più di me smanettone e che sicuramente c’è fra voi un’ottima percentuale che ha testato XPS,
vi domando un parere.

Se potete cercate di essere “analogici” o forse meglio qualitativi: se c’è qualcosa che vi piace ditemi perché, se qualcosa non vi piace idem.
In un successivo contributo farò il possibile per informarmi ed esprimere un’opinione sensata su ciascun aspetto sollevato.

A voi, e grazie!

Additional Feature
  • - Done :wave: Add monochromatics to make it look almost like celluloid or an old photograph.
  • - Done :wave: Cel toon shader
  • - Done :wave: Request by :iconxxfreakyunderworldxx: New 'Render Goups' which supports multiple UV sets -- 10.9.7 supports 2 uv layers for every 'Render group'
  • - Done :wave: Request by :iconatlantib:  Wardrobe feature. Sample…
  • - Done :wave: Request by "Hongfire Wong" Support for "texture packs" :thumbsup: XPS 10.9.3a2
  • - Done :wave: Auto add camera pivot to familiar bone name, if this pivot are missing inside the model. Request by :iconkinasuki: and :icontombraider4ever:                    
  • - Done :wave: Emission maps like this…  --  Request by :iconxo-bahamut-ox: and :icontakebon999: Made available by :iconzcochrane: :hug:
                       Tutorial for XNALara/XPS here… ;)
  • - Done :wave: I wish there was quick save-pose like the quick save image. :thumbsup: Ctrl+P (F9) added in XPS 10.9.2 Request by :iconrobotrobot99:  
  • - Done :wave: Add a double click event to the bones list in the control window to zoom in on selected bone. Request by :iconkinasuki:
                       New camera pivot "selected bone"
  • - Done :wave: "Quick-save image F5" now always stores the image without visible bones names and link squares and HUD filename -- Request by :iconarmorvil:
  • - Done :wave: Add a way to add text to the image via speech bubbles -- Request by :iconarmorvil:
  • - Done :wave: "Lock Position"…
  • - Done :wave: "Lock Scene "…
  • - Done :wave:  New render group with support of Specular & Emission Maps at the same time.
  • - Done :wave:  Emission effect with diffuse, light, normal, spec and emission maps
  • - Done :wave:  Rotation of the camera. Sample…
  • - Done :wave:   Drag and Drop for pose-, model and scene files would be awesome.  XPS 11.1…

  • XNAStraightPose Feature like this…
  • REDO command which reverts the effects of the undo action. Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z
  • Full screen 'Render Window' without title bar
  • The ability to move lights around
  • A new menu item to split a .scene file up into several scenes to load each one individually.
  • The ability to add sounds to make your own avi movies, like "Emitting the noise of a flushing toilet to spare a woman blushes."
  • A function to automatically detect (measure) the exact X,Y,Z position of certain point in an environment..
  • Texture "projection painting"
  • Dual sceen support. For example the "main render window" onto the secondary monitor and the dialog windows like the "Control window" onto the primary.
  • Store animations as animated gif --  leave marks though.
  • Environmental maps which react to light
  • Importing and exporting of other file formats to xps, like smd… or psk
  • Collada .dae import/export
  • Merge 2 models to swap a outfit
  • Auto rigging and skinning
  • Model light settings individually
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Displacement maps……
  • Support for KINECT to pose or record animation…
  • Soft shadows… + source code
  • Reflective maps  [Raytrace… ]  or  [Mirror texturing… ]
  • Raytrace shadows…
  • Create and move lightpoints (colour, intensity, shadow on/off etc)  
  • Ability to rotate bones on the 3 global axis, as well as its local axis.
  • Morphing system

I like this. Dont touche it.
  • Rename bones feature

Keep the feature, but change it on this way:
  • - Done :wave:  When you hide bones in the control window can they be hidden in the viewer as well
  • - Done :wave: Improvement of the representation of the double Alpha transparent. Example Eyelashes behind Hairs.  This feature are integrated with the Blender exporter 2.3… Request by :iconsterrennacht:
  • - Done :wave:  Set the "shadow default flag" for environments, with .OBJ format, to OFF Request by :iconkinasuki:
  • - Done :wave:  Restore the last position of the Render Window.  :thumbsup: BUG fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Request by :iconcheojunio:
  • - Done :wave:  "Alt + LMB click" set camera  position  on ground plane. Request by :iconkinasuki:
  • - Done :wave:  Change the skipped folder warning into only one notification popup (toggleable) with the list of skipped folder.  New menu item 'Settings-->Show warnings' ... Warnings disabled by default

  • A alternate way to select bone joints inside the 3D window, when body parts or bones are overlapping.
  • After you clicked on a bar or slider, you can use the mouse-wheel to adjust it.
  • All shortcuts from 'Main Window' can be also used if the 'Control Window' are activated.
  • Controls can be altered in the settings menu. The current settings are the default ones.
  • The stay on top setting still isnt working .. at the start. you have to disable then reenable it so the control window stays on top. ... I cannot reproduce this issue
  • Different "back face culling" settings for different models in the same scene at the same time
  • Mechanism like the option "Look at camera". :) Now just need for cloth/hair.
  • More lightsources :thumbsup: New "Spotlight"… with XPS 10.9.5 "Spotlight Edition"
  • Specify the image size when using the bloom effect. :) Currently, a team member implement it. We are waiting for his result.
  • Setting the intensity of the normal map. :thumbsup: We hope that this is already implemented in GLLAra.
    I have no experience with shader programming. :(
  • I want to cast a shadow on any object.  :thumbsdown: :thumbsup:  I do not think that this will be possible in "real time",
    perhaps with shadow maps… , but it's not trivial to implement.
  • Keep "Lock" model and add an option to "freeze" a model.
  • On this time, you can only toggle 2 outfits… not 3 ore more.…
  • Interchangeable .scene format.
  • Selecting multiple models at once

I dislike this. Please remove/change it.
  • - Done :wave: Support for deprecated render groups 24-25-26-27 Request by :iconsumirehaikuxna:
                     :thumbsup: Implemented with XPS 10.9.2 Retro Edition
  • - Done :wave: Not so many warnings Request by :iconxxfreakyunderworldxx:
                     :thumbsup: Implemented with XPS 10.9.6 Reboot Edition. New menu item 'Settings-->Show warnings' ... All warnings are disabled by default


  • Link to the latest version XPS 11.0 -- Osiris Lara Edition
  • Download link XNALara/XPS 10.9.6 alpha 6 ... DELETED ... Nobody want to test it ... nobody reports BUGs… )
    • ChangeSceneFile included -- If a model of a scene does not exist, then it is possible to manually search for it.
    • New feature. "Alt + LMB click" set camera position on ground plane.
    • BUG fix -- Speech Bubbles are now saved with and without BLOOM toggled off.
    • New render group number 34_ as test group for new features
    • All render groups allows now to selected a mesh part and recolor the mesh's texture using a color dialog. XPS tinted the mesh part with the values by the entered colour. XPS mix this color with the texture colors. Choose a white color to restore the original texture color.
       The Blend-Mode are Multiply - combines the picked  color  with the colors of the underlying texture to produce darker colors. Multiplying the texture with black results in black, multiplying with white produces no changes.  All other colors  are combined with the colors on the underlying texture image.
        To inking a part invoke the new menu item
      Options-->Change mesh part color
      Many many thanks and kiss @:iconshabbychick: for the support :blowkiss:

      Of course, you can store the result with Modify-->Save_Generic_Item as .mesh. As either binary Generic_Item.mesh (xps.xps) or ascii (Generic_Item.mesh.ascii) file.

      Shader code, at this time with "Multiply color blend mode" ... next time with "overlay blend mode":

      float4 MeshColor; // set with XPS->Options->Change mesh part color

      float4 GetDiffuseColor(float2 texCoord) {
         float4 color = tex2D(DiffuseTextureSampler, texCoord) * MeshColor;
         if (!DisplayTextures) {
           color.rgb = 0.75;
         return color;

      XNA code:

      // Get the color from the color dialog box ... invoked by "XPS->Options->Change mesh part color"
      System.Drawing.Color color = dialog.Color;
      meshDesc.MeshColor = new Color(color.R, color.G, color.B, color.A);
      // ...
      // Convert the Object from Color to Vector4
      Vector4 meshColor = ConvertLightColor(mesh.MeshColor, mesh.ColorIntensity);
      // ...
      // RenderSceneFull

EDIT: XPS 10.9.6a6 now with same color blend model like the Photoshop 'Overlay blend mode' -- Many many thanks and kiss @:iconshabbychick: for the support :blowkiss:

Add a Comment:
armorvil Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
An idea that should be easy for you to implement, I think : the possibility to ADD posed bones to a pose file. You're going to tell me that it's already there : the update pose button in the Animation Dialog allows you to update a pose file, but it will actually completely erase all bones in the original pose file and it will replace them with the bones you selected. What I have in mind is an "Add to pose file" option that wouldn't erase the bones stored in the pose file, and would simply add the ones you select in it.

The reason why I'm asking this is because I'm currently working on a single animation that would work on a lot of (if not all) different models (a single pose file that'd make characters blink, with hair & clothing slightly moving as if blown by a gentle wind), and this involves pose files with hundreds of different hair & clothes bones found on many different models. I can only create these pose files by manually adding bones in a text-editor, and it's a pain and very time-consuming. What I imagine is a very simple option when updating a frame, just before the bone selection occurs : "Do you want to only add the selected bone(s) at the end of the file ?"

That way, by choosing "yes", the many bones from others models that I have stored in this particular pose file wouldn't be deleted.

So yeah, all of these models use the same XPS animation (well, actually each of them use a different one in this video, but that's only because I have created 5 different animations to make them look in front of them / up / down / to the right and to the left) :…

It would just be nice if those kinds of multi-models animations could be created more easily through XPS.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner 3 days ago
The "Animation Dialog" has not a update pose button  ==>

""Add to pose file" do not required a XPS extension. Just save the new pose, using
  1. "File-->Save selected pose ..."
  2. Choose a new pose file name
  3. Inside the "Save pose" dialog, select the required bones to save
  4. Open the old pose file with notepad and with copy&past copy the content from the new pose file at the end of the old pose file
  5. Save the old pose file
armorvil Featured By Owner 2 days ago
That's what I do, but I was hoping for something that wouldn't require notepad at all. Oh well. Thanks for the answer anyways ;)
Korrdavl Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I have two ideas for improvement on your already exceptionally fun, useful and beautiful program:

1. In the Mass Effect games, there is a "film grain" affect which adds atmosphere to the experience. Would it be possible to implement a "film grain" effect in the Post-Processing Parameters?

2. As much as three light sources are great for most uses, would it be possible to implement a fourth lighting source?

Thank you for your help and thank you all for XPS.


XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago
Thanks for this suggestions :hug:

1) For the "film grain"  effect ... can you please make a Screen ? ... sounds like a nice and easy feature.

2) Every "Lighting source" requires (roughly) a dozent "Constant Registers"
to store the Parameter like
+ angle horizontal
+ angle vertical
+ Position X
+ Position Y
+ Position Z
+ Red light color
+ Green light color
+ Blue light color
+ Alpha value of the light
+ light intensity
+ shadow depth (pong value)
+ cast ground shadows
... and "Constant Registers:" are very very limited in "Pixel shader" 1, 2 or 3 :(…

Therfore, using the 2nd light source required a video device "PS v2" ... using 3 lights in a scene required a PS version 3 Video Adapter ... and a fourth lighting source would needs a Pixel Shader Version 4 ... and the Microsoft XNA Frameworlk 3.x only supports PS/VS version 3 (DirectX 9.0c) ==>…
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Nov 19, 2015

Config-->Preferences-->Expand bone tree ... done Hi!
Ctrl + 1 ... set the camera to the "selected bone" (last "Camera pivot") ... done 
Postmortacum Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
You know what will be great for a great XPS Update? The Option of edit the Polygons of one model, like in Blender. One Options to move, resize and rotate the Polygons, and one option to delete the Polygon. This will be great for that ones that makes constant meshmods.

It´s possible something like that :,v?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
It is possible ... but:

It's too much effort to implement it and it would be a poor mans choice. Why should I do it? There are already many 3D editors available.

This question is a lot tougher. The answer really depends on how sophisticated your vertex edit task is. In XNA 3.0, the vertices must link together to make triangles to create a solid figure. If your edit polygons randomly, then your mesh will most likely intersect itself at some point and not look like a 3D polygon. Every vertex is connected to exactly 4 bones, using "bone weight" values, normalized to 1.0. If you want to edit the vertices, then you need also a skinning option to produce bone weights. You will need a UV-map editor ... and so on. 
It's too much effort to implement. Why you want trying to avoid using a model editor like Blender or "Visual Studio Model Editor"… to create the 3D structures?
Postmortacum Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well, this maybe help that guys can´t use Blender because is difficult or whatever...

Anyway, i thinked that will be to much effort. Maybe you can consider this for the XPS12 or XPS13. Sorry :,v
armorvil Featured By Owner Edited Nov 5, 2015
I love the new "Material Editor" function, but it's a bit troublesome to use right now when you want to edit multiple meshes. When you select "Modify->Material Editor" you can't multi-select mesh parts, so if you want to change the color of a whole outfit for example, you have to reopen the menu many times and try to remember the exact color you used. It also doesn't help that the "Personalized Colors" option doesn't seem to save your changes (at least on my computer, I don't know if other people have the same issue).
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
You can't multi-select mesh parts, but you can invoke multiple  "Material Editors".

If you can't 
 remember the exact color you used, then use the "Blend Mode-->To Image" to save the color values and after this, use "From Image" ;)

Like every "Editor", the "Material Editor" modified the values ... and if you want "to save your changes", then you must invoke Modify-->Save ....
armorvil Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2015
The new Stereoscopy function is very interesting to me. Not really because I have stuff that allows me to see in 3D, but because it shows that you have the ability to split the screen in 2 (or more ?) parts, with each part of the screen having its own camera angle. Such a function makes me wonder if an option could exist to integrate more than 1 camera to XPS. I imagine a "Camera" submenu that would allow you to add more cameras into your scene, and each of those new cameras could be moved independently from each other and each taking a fraction of the main window (with 2 cameras, there would be 2 parts (exactly like in the Stereoscopy->Cross-Eye function), with 3 each would take a tier of the main window, and 4 would divide it in 4 equal parts). It would be awesome to make comics, or even to make pics that show your models / scene with different perspectives without using programs like Photoshop (and such a function might be expanded in some kind of camera-movement programing : you could set the camera at certain coordinates in the left part of your screen (let's call this camera's position "A"), set the camera elsewhere in the right part of the screen (let's call it "B"), and by saving those different coordinates, XPS could automatically move any camera from "A" to "B" seamlessly (with a slider to increase or decrease its speed, and checkboxes to make it go from "B" back to "A" as well as to loop). Talk about cinematic camera movements  ^^)

I imagine those ideas might be quite hard to program though.

Heck, a way more simple idea I would still love, if the above isn't possible : an option like "Stereoscopy->Cross-Eye" that has the 2nd camera set to an even more different angle. That would allow you, for example, to see a model from the front in the left part of the main window, while the right part of it would show the same model from sideways or the back. Even that would be very cool, imo.  
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2015
Thanks a lot for this suggestion :hug:
I will read it later ... in details.

Here is a workaround:

- Open XPS without loading a model ... or add a model and remove it later (Before saving your scene)
- Set your camera angles ... or shader settings (like lights, post processing ...)
- Save the empty scene

- Load this scene, whenever you needs the camera settings ... and mark ONLY "Load camera" (or what you want) ... Do NOT mark "remove exsisting models" and "load scene"

This was my own extension for XNALara 7.2 ... published by Dusan (December 2009) ;) for exactly this purpose.
armorvil Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2015
Ah yes, it's not quite what I was talking about, but it's nice to be able to do that :)
In other news, I figured that my idea is basically the same thing as opening the same scene 4 times, each with a different instance of XPS, but it didn't go well when I tried : my computer isn't powerful enough to run so many XPSes at once... Looks like the thing you did with the Stereoscopy -> Cross-Eye option seems to be a lot easier on the CPU ^^
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
Stereoscopy needs also a lot of performance.
This feature render the image twice and merge the result ... but the XNA overhead is not 2 times.
TheForgottenSaint47 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I think smoothing will faster if I could smooth whole model in same time =P maybe choose muti part hold Shift and click or something like that.

Hope we can make glow effect on model's parts
And psk import or fbx importer :D
EricaS91 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
I think there is a need of "Outliner" like Blender and Maya to quickly access to meshes.

Just wanted to Add what "972oTeV" said;
there are "Dropdown" menu for Model, Pose and Scale.
there must be another
"Dropdown" menu thingy for "Saved Additional Items Display" or "Item Preset".

Just a Suggestion...:) :) :)
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
"Saved Additional Items Display" and "Item Preset" sounds great. Perhaps try "Save scene" and "Load scene", this feature make save and load the displayed additional items.

The outliner exists. "Options-->Make Items optional"
EricaS91 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2015
Thanks Man, 

And One thing, I don't know that is there a way to import/export .FBX to/from XPS or not. If Yess Please tell me how to Please.....:)
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Nov 5, 2015
At this time, nobody have written a XPS .FBX importer :(

But you can use this… to convert the models.
A small instruction (with Noesis link) is there…
972oTeV Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015
Well i think, some way (or shortcut) to take out all the optional items at once and put all in a once, it would be awesome, because some models have all the optional items visible when I load it, and i have to take out one by one.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015
Thanks for the suggestion (on this collection place) :hug:
it is realized, I am sending you a version for testing.
972oTeV Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015
Ok thanks :D :happybounce:
adjie7x Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
why i can't load TRU model in xps 11? the model appear but invisible, how can i fix that?
D1m0s Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You need to load non-generic models via File -> Add models. Non-generic models are those named f.i.: "lara_jungle_shorts.mesh", etc.
adjie7x Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :)
ringetsu Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
Now the bonenames can be changed with a bonedict.
Will you please make a similar function that bonenames change for the pose file, maybe like posedict?
You know that now many porters have their own preference for naming the bones, apply a pose for another model need to change the bonenames of pose file or models. I think posedict should works easier for load pose for different models than bonedict.
junkymana Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015
About the new format (NGFF), will it work with non poseable meshes? Like objects and such. Or will we need to add a root bone for this?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited Sep 27, 2015
It will works with non poseable meshes.

1) XNALara adds always a root bone to the mesh ... even for .obj files (except for the RG's 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 which don't react to bones)
2) Without bones, the NGFF Format IS exactly the .OBJ format ;)
junkymana Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
Cool :)
Thanks for answering.

Any information on how the interface changing would be? Like for posing the IK's and such?
Will it support or even create bone shapes?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
Nothing planed ... on my side ... perhaps bone shapes like Blender 5.x 6.x 7.x

The interface for textures without RG's is like here… ;)
junkymana Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
Looks interesting. I think I'll give a try to that beta version, thanks :)
I will keep waiting for any news about the new format (NGFF) ;)
lskittles Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
I was thinking more possible lighting options, like moving light within the scene manually or adding additional light sources. The light parameter sliders are OK, but at times I wish that there were more than 3 light parameter tabs. It may be too much to ask for but it would be pretty awesome.
LoftyLight Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you make it so that when the bone you have selected is locked, you can still select other bones in 3D view by ctrl or shift clicking them or something? That way you wont accidentally click them but can still change bones easily when you actually want to through the 3D view.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner May 25, 2015
I really dislike the feature "Lock bone selection"… and I personaly never use it.

"select other bones in 3D view by ctrl or shift clicking them" is not possible, because:
LoftyLight Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I hate locking bones but the view rotation uses left click so often bones get selected when I'm trying to rotate. It's really annoying.

That is why I added "or something". I don't care what key I have to hold down to do it, anything is fine as long as the functionality is there.
daventrychris Featured By Owner May 14, 2015
Can you please add with Folder with XPS All Blender 2.49 Scripts to make XPS and Blender work, so People can know what to Install
Can you make txt with XPS to say what People need to run XPS and with witch Blender and Python
ringetsu Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
Could pose load/save menu show the tree structure?
And certain parts could be checked. Just like I could check the head tree for expression change.
This will be convenient.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited May 11, 2015

Thanks a lot for this suggestions :hug:

  1. "Pose load/save menu show the bone tree hierarchy" sounds great. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: and using the "Control GUI" widget, it should be easy to implement.
  2. "Using the load/save pose menu, certain bones chould be can checked" exist already since XNALara version 3.0 -- release 024… 
    • Quote: "it's possible to load/save not only the pose of the entire body but also the pose of selected parts of the body (selected bones), such as the face, hands etc."

       I’m surprised at how often I encounter people that don’t know how to select multiple bones in the XNALara/XPS "Load/Save pose" dialog.
       The "Load pose" dialog has as title Select bones to load: not without reason.
      If the dialog pops up, there are all bones selected by default.
    • To deselect a bone:
      1. Hold down the CONTROL key (Ctrl) on your keyboard, and deselect the bones, which you don't wants
    • To select multiple bones:
      1. Or. click with the left mouse button the bone which you want and hold down the Ctrl key, and still holding down that button, select the second, third, etc. bone. You have more than one selected.
      2. Now here is how you select a range of bones:
        1. Hold down the SHIFT button, and then click the first bone
        2. Then scroll down to the last bone you want to select with the SHIFT button still down. Now you’ve selected everything in between as well. Simple. ;)

Again, you can select/deselect whatever bones you want. It’s a fast way to select mutiple bones, and it works like your windows explorer.

Hope today’s tech tip for the average joe was helpful.

By the way, on a personal note, I’m feeling a bit lonely! I’m not sure if I’m talking to an empty room or if anyone is actually finding my tips helpful. Please leave a comment if you can – otherwise, I guess it’s better if I just stopped wasting my time.

“If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?”

D1m0s Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like ringetsu's idea Thumbs Up  But I want a checkbox there to switch between treeview and "oldview" :D
ringetsu Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
I know how to select some of the bones.
But you know that there are too many bones and I have to scroll up and down.
So that I think the tree hierarchy is more convenient.
I'm glad that you would do this.
LoftyLight Featured By Owner Edited May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All this is just a small fraction of things that I would like to see changed or added. I don't want to sound grumpy or anything, but as a professional software and video game developer with a lot of OCD, I find a lot of things extremely annoying even if they are small. So here goes:

Add bone quickslots. Ctrl+1-9 to save a bone to quick slot. 1-9 to select bone from quick slot. (Change the Head/Body/Whatever centering buttons to Shift+1-5 etc instead.)

Change the 3D view mouse control scheme to be like Blender or 3DS Max. I can't stand having to use left click for the view since I keep clicking on bones by accident. Locking bones isn't helpful (nor is it needed) cause constantly locking and unlocking bones just to be able to rotate safely is dumb. Instead of left click and shift + left click, make it middle mouse button and shift + middle mouse button. Or better yet, have options for which control scheme to use.

Need a button to quickly switch focus between the control and 3D window. Something like pressing tab to switch focus back and forth quickly. It's so horrible when you press QWE to do rotations and realise you're focused on the bone window and it jumps to some random bone you don't give a damn about and then you have to find your bone all over again. Not to mention it ends up expanding the bone group and the bone list becomes a total mess again.

A bone search and filter with basic wildcards like "-ctr" to filter out all bones that contain "ctr".

Completely rearrange the menu. That thing is a mess. Sections should be split more like:

File - All scene opening/saving/exporting related commands.
Model - All model related commands.
Pose - All pose related commands.

(Save) Make Ctrl-S save scene.
(Save As...) Make Ctrl-Shift-S save scene as.

For the QWE and Shift+QWE controls, what is the point in having to left click and drag on top of that? Why not just hold Q and move mouse? That's just another opportunity to select a random bone you don't want by accident when bones aren't locked (something that shouldn't even be a feature).
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited May 6, 2015
thx for this suggestions. :hug:

Of course, I have first to translate the whole text, but some comments at this time:

D1m0s works currently to rearrange the menu. His first result, you can see here… and download there… (You must Login to see the download link)

Ctrl-S is already used to save the selected item as "Old .mesh" file. Of course, I dislike this shortcut, and saving a .mesh file in the data folder is a fault for non Generic Items ... Must be fixed.

For the QWE and Shift+QWE controls, you have not to left click. Confused. Of course, you must first select a bone ... and left click select a bone.

All other suggestions sounds "well thoughtful".
LoftyLight Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to all that.

Ah yeah, I already downloaded 11.1. I was happy to see that I could finally close the window with the close button on the 3D window. lol. That was actually one of my complaints that I later edited out as I found out about this newer version.

For QWE, I meant that currently you hold Q for example and then you left click and drag in the window to rotate the bone. I think it would be better to just hold Q and move mouse without having to left click and drag. I just think it would be best to avoid left clicking with as many things as possible. It would be better to have left click select bones and do nothing else so you wont need to lock bones anymore since you wont ever click on one by accident while trying to do something else. Accidentally clicking bones has been one of the most frustrating things for me and locking bones is not comfortable at all cause I have to keep pressing Ctrl-L constantly and I switch between bones a lot.

Another thing I wanted to see added is multiple bone selection. Everything would be so much easier if I could select multiple bones at once that aren't in the same group.

Also, another feature I was thinking about, though it is a little harder to implement, would be an IK system where you can choose 3 bones and it will create an IK solver that you can drag around to automatically and accurately bend at the joint. So for example I could link thigh + knee + ankle and it would create a draggable IK thing at the ankle that will automatically bend the leg at the knee when I move it around. It would make posing limbs much much easier.
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited May 7, 2015

About IK: ==>… ... already on the TODO list in the "opening post" above:

  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Drag and Drop for pose-, model and scene files would be awesome.

About QWE: :hug: Now I understand.

About multiple bone selection: Iit is a little harder to implement, because it breaks the existing design. ==>…

zecle Featured By Owner May 6, 2015   Digital Artist
config→display bones. uncheck !
since it's a pain, i always disable this feature. you won't need to press ctrl L anymore.
LoftyLight Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But I select bones by clicking them in the 3D view. I don't want to hide them all.
junkymana Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
Could it be an option to reload the model selected? And to be functional for the different formats (.mesh, .ascii and .xps)?
I think it can be helpful when testing. Instead of having to remove the model or reset the scene and then import again.

And a curiosity question. Why when having a model ported to XPS and later imported back to Blender (don't know with other 3d programs), the bones are possitioned differently? To me it happens all the time specially with the helper bones (twist, ctr, adj, fix, etc. Each porter give a different name). And the rest of the bones have a different rotation, I mean, the bone axis are facing differently.

I don't know why. When I place the armature for later start rigging and after do the port, I place the bones in one way. And after re-importing, this is different. The only ones who keep the original positions are the spine and neck bones.

Not something that bothers me too much, just with the fingers. But I am curios why this happens. :baffled:
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Edited May 3, 2015
Facepalm1 There IS an option to reload the selected model, since XNALara 7.3 -- release 080
- new menu command Clone selected model: it will create a clone of the currently selected/active model; the clone will be created on the exactly same position as the original model (use Ctrl click on the ground to place it somewhere else), with the same scale and pose applied to it

When YOU having a model ported to XPS, you should know about what you have done ... and what you have not done! Hover over a model in XNALara: Since XNALara 1.2 -- release 003, the bones link(s) (fulcrum) are visual as bone selector in the 3D window. It is a dot. Take a look into the .mesh.ascii file:
root hips
0 # parent index
0.0 1.140024 0.0
The model contains the "bone name" (root hips), the number of the parent bone (0), and the xyz coordinate of the bone Joint (0.0 1.140024 0.0). Thats all. There are no informations about something like rotation, direction, lenght, bone head and tail ... or "bone axis". Therefore, if you  later imported the model back to Blender ... the bones cannot have a different "direction" ... because the bones of the model have none direction ;)
About "Each porter give a different Name ... yes ... what a bummer ... nobody cares about the naming convention.

I don't know why YOU place the bones in one way and why you dont save this as .blend file ... if you want to start rigging later.
BTW: ALL bones have after re-importing the original positions (xyz coordinate ) ... depend of the Floating point - precision of Blender ... not only the spine and neck bones.

I am curious why nobody was wondering about XPS - Countdown Axis Edition -- release 174
-  Bone axis can be visualized. The Config Menu has a new option to display a coordinate cross along with the feature to turn on/off x-ray.
It was a lot of effort ...and it is not easy to visualize something which not exists ... like the bone orientation ;)
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