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January 21, 2013


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XPS 10.9.4 -- Wardrobe Edition Release (Final version)
XNA Model Viewer
Model made available for XNALara by :iconbubblecloud: -- Original model made by Crefun--5329…

    :: WHAT'S NEW ::
  • Wardrobe feature. XPS supports now conforming clothes. The clothing model, named Outfit.mesh, requires only the necessary bones and snap to the matching bones from the character model, named Character.mesh. Load first the character. After this load the clothes. The clothes move and pose now following the Character. Poseable sticklove demo model (73.97KB ) :
  • ChangeBoneNames feature. XPS can now rename bone names on the fly by loading a model which contains the original game bone names. Put a file called BoneDict.txt inside the same folder like XNALara XPS.exe. The content of this dictionary are the "original bone name" a  'semicolon' and the "XNALara naming convention".
    Example Blender… to XNALara/XPS… a :

    Upper_arm.L;arm left shoulder 2
    Lower_arm.L;arm left elbow
  • Reported by :iconsumirehaikuxna: A rare crash when renaming a bone is fixed now.
  • Reported by :icongoha7777: A click to "Close window" icon X works now on the same way like File-->Exit
  • Reported by :iconkinasuki: "Restore scene" and "Load scene" refresh now the "optional item" list correctly
  • Reported by Hongfire skeev: "Auto Texture" feature with proper flat "Bump map's" for easy "render group" renaming without changing the texture section
  • Reported by :iconutopian-mk: Result image saved as a .png file works now fine with BLOOM effect
  • XPS can now save images using the formats .BMP and .TGA or .TIF for the images
  • BUG fix for "load scene" without "loading models" marked
  •  Requested by :iconkinasuki: "Make items optional" with preview feature.
  • New render group 32 -- the shader expects one diffuse texture on its input and supports a specular highlight  parameter as value. Example: 32_metal_20.6
  • New render group 33 -- the shader expects one diffuse texture on its input and supports transparency and  a specular highlight  parameter as value. Example: 33_silck_13.2
  • More information by loading/converting a .mesh.ascii file to .mesh  
  • The "Modify" menu contains many new functions for modder. Even feature which are missing inside Blender.
    • New menu item "Remove seams between mesh parts" to smooth mesh's. Not available in Blender.
    • New menu item "Fixing moving gaps between mesh parts" to fix the Blender "Bone weight copy" BUG
    • New menu item "Flip face normals" to toggle the "Normals"
    • New menu item "change backface culling behavior" to flip faces clockwise/ anticlockwise
    • New menu item "Swap Y-Z normals" to convert a model between right and left handed coordinate system
    • New menu item "Negate Y normale"  to convert a model between right and left handed coordinate system
    • New menu item "Fixing moving gap inside a mesh part" to repair wrong weight paintings
    • New menu item "Smooth mesh part" like the Blender feature "Remove double vertices"
    • Requested by :iconatlantib:  New menu item "removing seams inside of mesh (on the borders of UV map)" Not available in Blender.

Download link XNALara/XPS 10.9.4 (or higher)  (2.44MB ) click the right side of this image to download ;)

Download link XNALara/XPS 10.9.4  SKYDRIVE
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theifkingbakura1 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Um the Link for XNALara/XPS 10.9.4 isn't working for sendspace, is there another reliable source to get it?
hbenton Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Thanks so much! I really love this program and I probably use it to much lol.
Question though as I forgot how to do it, but is there any way to remove the XPS10 watermark logo on saved images? I know it could be done before but I've completely forgotten how to do it now.
DarkFalco313 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
When you save an image, uncheck the render logo. There, you'll have your saved image without it.
hbenton Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Thanks for the info, I actually found out how to do it soon after I posted that comment. But thanks much for the response. :)
Adngel Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013

I was trying this feature of the wardrobe, But I having difficulties with posing. It's possible move and rotate the bones of the outfit object?. If not, I would like suggest it for any future version. O..

Example, I have open a character, a nude Chris, and then I load the outfit, a slip to start, effectively, the slip is placed in Chris position automatically, But when I start to pose the character, these kind of thigh clothes, used to have more difficulties for a good pose.

Image: [link]

Up: XPS 10.9.5 Down: Unity 3d

In Unity, I have to attach bones manually, so they move whith the "parent model?" equally as XPS does with the outfit and character system. But in Unity, once I posed the character, I can move the slip bones too, for animations and videogame it's completely unusuless and shabby do this manually, but for static poses it's very useful, as can be seen in the image, I could fit the slip without had to add new bones on it. (It has only 4, hips, the 2 legs and the spine lower).

For that, I thougt it could be interesting can move and rotate the outfits bones also in XPS for this wardrobe system.

Away of that, scaling individual bones was feature which I wanted sugest and always forget. I think that can to scale bones individually is also useful for several purposes.
- In this wardrowe system, scale bones slightly helped me also to pose that slip waist in some poses.
- I think it could be helpful to do more mesh mods more easily, without need Blender nor 3dsmax.
- To make superdeofrm characters (A mini Jill with a huge head would be comical too :3).

Anyway, relative scaling, not only the general model.

Dammit, I was writting other 3 paragraphs, but I think, I will sumarise better @_@ Has XPS any open source code to can gossip it? I'm not any expert at all, but, anyway, just asking. XD
UNKNOWN61915 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
I installed it but it said error and that I need pixel shader, im not sure what that is or where to find it someone please help me out...
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Either you need to upgrade your graphics card device driver or you need better video card.
UNKNOWN61915 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Oh alrite thanx
Chris-Redfield-2013 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Will our scenes that we made in 10.9.3 still work in this version?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
Of course. Just install all the 10.9.4 files inside the 10.9.3 folder.
Confirme the "Overwrite existing files" message with YES.
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